Merlin Suits

1665 Lexington Avenue

Suite #105

Deland, Florida 32724

Phone & Fax: 386-738-2962


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We still make the full fingered webbed gloves.

Give us a call, we'll take your order and ship your gloves out within a few days.

Merlin suits

When the fit matters!

We custom make all our products, the full fingered webbed gloves, the slip-ons, pants, jackets and
several kinds of jump suits. You will know that your suit is made just for you.

RW Suits:

RW Suit, Comp Suit, Pro Comp Suit.

Freefly Suits:

Camera Suits:

Student Suits:


Short Suits:

Merlin's Baby "Jump" Suits: $40.00

Custom Designs:

Webbed Gloves $45.00

Fabric Colors:



Black, charcoal, silver, white, navy blue, royal blue, red, burgundy, lavender, purple, yellow, gold, orange, teal, apple green,

 neon pink, neon yellow




Black, gray, white, navy blue, royal blue, electric blue, red, purple, magenta, yellow, gold, neon orange, burned orange, dark green, neon pink, neon green.




Black, silver, white, navy blue, royal blue, purple, red, yellow, gold,

grass green, electric blue, neon green, neon yellow, neon pink.



Diamond Back:

Black, charcoal, navy, brown, cobber, golden, wine red, green, dark green and purple.




Please know that all the colors might not be available at all times, or may only be available

 in a limited amount.



Colors may vary between the different types of fabric.